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Philco 212

Philco Corporation,

Philco 212 Philco Corporation,

Philco 212 1962 Philco Corporation, United States In the late 1950s, Philco Corporation was one of the largest manufacturers of transistors and took advantage of these new components to enter the computer business. Drawing from the design of their experimental Transac-2000 computer, Philco’s 212 was an early commercial product designed for scientific, real-time, and data processing applications. Ford Aerospace eventually bought the company and Philco subsequently withdrew from the computer business. Memory Type: Core Speed: 2,500,000 Add/s Memory Size: 64K Cost: $1,800,000 Memory Width: (48-bit)

University of Illinois/Burroughs Corporation, ILLIAC IV PDP-8 Family Digital Equipment Corporation Control Data Corporation CDC 6600 MIT/Raytheon Apollo Guidance Computer  IBM System/360 Model 30 MIT/Raytheon Apollo Guidance Computer Philco 212

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